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Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation Experts.

We're Your Business &

Personal Tax Experts

Business Tax Services

Proface Business Services staff are your business tax experts.  We can eliminate the challenges of preparing your federal and state tax forms.  We specialize in taxes for corporations, partnerships and sole proprietorships including forms: 1120, 1120S, 1065, schedule C and more.  You can count on our tax specialists as partners that are dedicated to your business success.


Individual Tax services

Preparing and filing tax returns needn't be something to dread.  In fact it could be rewarding.  By using Proface Business Services for your personal federal, state and local taxes you can feel relieved in knowing you're getting best possible results you're entitled to.


Tax Consultation

Facing a new tax situation and are not sure how it will effect you or your business?  We have assisted many small business owners and individuals in keeping more of what they earn.  To discover how we might be able to help you, give us a call for a free tax consultation with no risk or obligation on your part.


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We are not attorneys and PROFACE BUSINESS SERVICES is not a legal firm so we do not offer

legal advice or services of any kind.  Always consult with an attorney on all legal matters.