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TSheets Asset Management

TSheets is a time tracking management and reporting tool that was designed to help businesses save time and more accurately track employees in real time. As an alternative to tracking time in spreadsheets or on time slips, your employees use the TSheets app to either clock in and out, or enter their time manually. They can even assign their time to specific jobs or accounts, so business owners and managers know exactly how employee time is being spent.


Key Features

· Sync with QuickBooks

· Job and Shift Scheduling

· Mobile Time Tracking App

· Simple Payroll

· Job Costing Reports


How does TSheets work

Employees can use any type of internet connected device, including smartphones, to track their time. Since there is no need to collect time cards or update spreadsheets, and employee time is always up-to-date, payroll can be accurately processed at any time. Simply sync with your accounting software and complete your payroll process. Although the results have varied depending on the type and size of business, most companies that have implemented TSheets have seen a significant reduction in time spent on payroll.


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